Arnaut Fiscal & Legal focuses on the AECC.

The solidarity race, which will be held in Logroño on Sunday, April 21, has the collaboration of Arnaut Fiscal & Legal together with the Logroño City Council, the Government of La Rioja, and various relevant sponsors so that the AECC continues investigating.

These research grants in La Rioja were completed in 2023, developing projects worth €400,000. both at the University of La Rioja and at the CIBIR.

In total, La Rioja has 9 active research projects simultaneously. Ángela Metola, thanks to a Predoctoral Grant, studies the impact that alterations in RNA metabolism have on cancer progression.

Víctor Pozo, thanks to a Predoctoral Grant, is working on the design of more effective and safe sun creams for the prevention of skin cancer.

The project led by Dr. Alfredo Martínez, recipient of an AECC Semilla Ideas Aid, seeks drugs for a new form of immunotherapy against cancer.

The team led by Dr. Francisco Corzana has been awarded the first AECC INNOVA Grant and the objective is to offer an important advance in the early, non-invasive and reliable diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Furthermore, in the province of La Rioja, predoctoral researchers from the University of La Rioja Marina Salas (Ayuda Predoctoral AECC La Rioja 2019) and Carmen Bretón (Ayuda Predoctoral AECC 2021), Cristina Romero (Ayuda Predoctoral AECC 2019), Adrián Casas (Predoctoral Assistance 2022) and Dr. Sonia Martínez (Postdoctoral Assistance 2022), researchers at CIBIR. In 2023, Dr. José Antonio Oteo (Ayudas Ideas Semilla AECC 2021) finished his project.

We encourage you to participate for this good cause.

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