Arnaut Fiscal & Legal. Report year 2023

Throughout fiscal year 2023, there have been numerous milestones of interest in the company Arnaut Fiscal y Legal.

Dedicated to the management of taxation of family businesses. The year has brought us the adaptations of the La Rioja headquarters and the opening of the Marbella headquarters. In addition, the Arnaut Fiscal y Legal firm has achieved a new certification as an accredited accounting expert, which, added to the previous one, raises this accreditation to the company level.

On the other hand, various cycles and conferences on Fiscal Pressure on family businesses were held, both in Madrid, Marbella and La Rioja.

We have supported the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration, and the Spanish Association against Cancer.

Likewise, the second edition of the book Optimal tax structure in the family business has been published. As well as. The first edition of the book Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence has been published.

At the beginning of the year, Basilio Ramírez received the CEO Award of the year as a legal reference in tax law by the LA RAZÓN group. At the end of the year, the company Arnaut Fiscal y Legal received the European Legal Awards Award in taxation.

Finally, highlight the work that has been carried out with the partner firm Ideo Legal in the areas of interpretations of the General Directorate of Taxes.

And thank all our professionals for the trust they have placed in us, as well as remember our gratitude to both Ramón Davila and Francisco Urbano for their professionalism.

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