Basilio Ramírez, present at the AEDAF.

The CEO of Arnaut Fiscal & Legal, Basilio Ramírez, attends the first meeting of the AEDAF GROUP on PROPERTY TAXATION AND FAMILY BUSINESS.

For me it is a pride to belong to the committee of experts on the #familybusiness organized by the AEDAF, the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, and to contribute to asset issues and everything that addresses business families.

Furthermore, it is exciting to work with colleagues of such stature of Emma S. Corretger, María Estrella Martín Domínguez, Vicente Sanz Torró, Ángel Valverde Huerta, Sofía Varea Peris, Rosa Pérez, Carmen Ruiz Hidalgo, Daniel Viader Martín, Marisa Gómez-Lobato Lanzarote. I take on this new challenge with great enthusiasm and I know for a fact that we will all do a good job. “

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